Free (libres) softwares

Free(libres) softwares are often community softwares we can modifiy and improve individually or collectively as we need. Ther’re under “libre” licence (like GPL for exemple) and they belongs to nobody, there are pubic and common.

Ethic is a central notion in our work. It’s why we decided to use free(libres) softwares to create our websites.

In some way, when we use libres softwares we can preserve numeric freedom and respect of privacy life.

Digital eco-friendly

The Internet consumes a significant proportion of the world’s electricity. It is a consumption that influences today’s environmental problems.

But we can help to reduce the electricity consumption of websites.

Indeed, the way websites are “coded” has a significant impact on the electricity they will consume. VulpiWeb is committed to doing its utmost to reduce the consumption of the sites it creates.